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New energy vehicles have been listed as the emerging strategic development focus of China's “13th Five-Year Industrial Plan”; by 2020, the production capacity of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will reach 2 million, with cumulative production and sales exceeding 5 million.
The new energy vehicle lightweight and intelligent manufacturing technology has become the development strategy of the “Made in China 2025” national manufacturing industry. Lightweight materials application is expected to reach 15% in automobile weight reduction, 20% weight loss in 2025, and 35% weight loss in 2030. The goal; the application of lightweight energy-critical components for new energy vehicles is in urgent need of breakthrough.The intelligent, lightweight and electrified technologies of China's new energy vehicles will bring about new changes, and will also accelerate the development of key technologies for new energy vehicles and the application innovation of green product lines and intelligent equipment technologies
In the face of global environmental constraints, global auto companies are accelerating the development and application of key technologies for new energy vehicles; implementing advanced lightweight components to achieve vehicle weight reduction; improving the endurance of electric vehicles; will be the inevitable trend of global new energy vehicle R&D strategy development The lightweight materials industry has also been listed as the strategic development focus of China's “13th Five-Year New Materials Plan”; according to experts, China's market for lightweight materials in the next three years will reach 500 billion yuan, of which only new The energy vehicle sector will reach more than 35 billion yuan.With the strong growth of China's new energy automobile industry and the development of lightweight materials in the application of new energy automotive structural parts, it will usher in a broader market development prospect, and major lightweight materials companies have also ushered in historic development opportunities.

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Exhibition advantages

Positioning of the whole industry chain: optimize the docking of the whole industry chain of new energy vehicles and open up the industry closed loop completely

Exhibitor resources: industry giants and famous enterprises are appearing in exhibitions and opening up vast markets

Professional resources: many buyers group visit procurement, seamless connection between supply and demand

Government resources: new energy automobile related government departments organize groups to visit and exchange, pay attention to the development of industry enterprises

Media resources: hundreds of authoritative media follow the whole process of reporting, and promote the overall corporate brand image

Expert resources: famous experts gather at the scene to promote the integration of industry, education and research

Largest scale: the world's largest new energy automobile industry chain exhibition; Abundant activities and parallel industrial summits; Customized services to meet the needs of enterprise brand promotion; Shanghai has prominent regional advantages, strong organizational authority and strong exhibition power

On international auto lightweight alliance for a green science and technology: English abbreviations: IALTA, is by the central motor material committee, BMW in Germany, the European automobile suppliers association (CLEPA), joint the China auto parts industry co., China faw, changan, Beijing auto, dongfeng auto set up; IALTA fourteen years has been committed to the international automotive lightweight technology application and innovation of science and technology, China's industrial information technology, set up the "China's carbon fibre and composites industry alliance", deputy director of the unit for the automotive lightweighting "; IALTA new energy - electric vehicle innovation consortium, new energy vehicle interior and exterior decoration system branch; IALTA's mission is to work with its members to develop lightweight technology products and strengthen cooperation in product line. We will promote the development of light vehicle technology, parts and components industrial chain and collaborative innovation in China, the eu and the asia-pacific region. We will be the representative from the domestic and foreign well-known automobile lightweight materials manufacturers, oems, parts and automobile industry chain IALTA the coordinated development of more than 200 core members, performance of the lawful rights and interests of non-profit international organization.

Current executive director: jean-claude Steinmetz. The current executive chairman of the alliance is wang xu, vice President of the general institute of automotive research of Beijing automotive co., LTD.

Major members of the IALTA

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