Exhibitors Evaluation

The number of exhibitors and visitors in this exhibition is quite large, which seems to be a professional exhibition covering the whole new energy automobile industry chain. The exhibitors have a complete range of categories and abundant products, and many new products have been seen.Besides, I was deeply impressed by the organizing committee's warm and thoughtful service and attention to details.The peak BBS held at the same time is of high professional standard and feels very good.

This exhibition is a good platform for communication. Many large enterprises in the industry have participated in it, and many outstanding people in the industry have been seen on the exhibition site. Through this exhibition, I have got to know more people in the industry, which is very good.In addition, we also participated in the panel discussion on the new energy vehicle lightweight BBS held at the same time, and had an in-depth exchange with the industry insiders, which was an excellent learning opportunity for us.

We were satisfied with the exhibition as a whole. We showed the carbon fiber car structure -- carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber interior trim and other new products.Since our participation in the exhibition, the organizing committee has been promoting our products through media, official WeChat public platform and website, with good effects.I hope I can continue to participate in this next time and promote our products through this platform, so that the market can have an in-depth understanding of our products and technologies.

In this exhibition, we brought new products such as stone grinding molds, specular highlights and new energy auto parts, which attracted many visitors to our booth.The professionalism of the exhibition and our corporate audience have achieved our expected results, we feel very satisfied, for our publicity and promotion to provide a quality platform.

Hou zaihua Deputy general manager
We have brought three types of electric logistics vehicles to this exhibition. By attending the exhibition, not only to achieve the development and market publicity surrounding the radiation, more to push our products to more government units and logistics units, especially the postal procurement and motion, successfully completed the butt of the enterprise.
Yuan tingting Hangzhou District director
This exhibition effect is very good, integration of the car, operating, charging pile, lithium electricity, parts and components in the whole industry chain integration, which can attract upstream manufacturers and downstream operators share, promote communication, also can attract more audiences to focus on new energy automotive industry, the sharing of car BBS, also is very successful, the industry's top higher-ups have to participate in, to the industry played a significant role in driving.
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