We will provide comprehensive hotel reception service for representatives from all walks of life during the exhibition from August 23 to August 25, 2018. Your company can make reservation according to your own needs.

Ctrip has been designated by the exhibition organizing committee as the venue department responsible for the reception of accommodation during the conference.

The following is the hotel reservation information of the preferential team provided by the venue department for you during the exhibition (more hotel reservation information can be viewed online).

All rooms are booked online and paid online. After the payment is made, you will receive the message of reservation success sent by ctrip

1.The above price includes service charge and breakfast.

2. Rooms are booked online. WeChat can scan the qr code to enter the reservation system directly or enter the booking website

3. Invoices will be sent out automatically within 3 working days after leaving the store. For example, special VAT invoices will be marked with special invoice information in "more requirements"

4. The team can book no more than 30 rooms online. Please send the payment voucher and order number to after payment

Mobile phone preferential hotel reservation channel:

Preferential hotel reservation channel:

1. WeChat scan the qr code or enter the reservation link -- enter the reservation interface -- select the number and date of the reservation -- submit the order -- pay online -- pay attention to receive the booking success message

2. As hotel rooms are very tight during the exhibition, it is recommended to book in advance

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