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Shanghai is located in the front edge of the Yangtze river delta, and belongs to the typical subtropical Marine monsoon climate. The four seasons are distinct, mild and humid, with sufficient rainfall, and most of them are from may to September. Shanghai is when the temperature of the hottest in July and August, more than 35 high temperature days have 10 days or so, not suitable for outdoor activities; The coldest time is from late January to early February. Although there is little snow, the wet and cold air and the piercing north wind are often unbearable. From the middle of June to early July is the rainy season. From the end of August to the middle of September, there are many typhoons, and there are often sudden storms. You must take a good umbrella when you travel to Shanghai during these two periods.

Shanghai as a cosmopolitan metropolis, there is no strict seasonal restrictions, but each spring may (3 -) Shanghai qingpu plum, fengxian rape, peach blossom in pudong and songjiang LanSun is open, it. Autumn (September to November) is the best season to taste hairy crabs. The so-called "autumn wind sounds and the crab feet itch", the crab's yellow feet, crab paste thick, crab meat beautiful. It's mouth-watering.

Consumer price index

Compared with other cities, Shanghai's consumption is relatively high. Excluding the transportation fee, the daily cost will be 300 per day/person.

Dress right for the weather

In July and August, the temperature in Shanghai was high and the air humidity was high, making it unsuitable for outdoor sports. The winter of January and February is the coldest season in Shanghai. June and July are the rainy season in Shanghai. Take rain gear when you go out.

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