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Shanghai has prominent geographical advantages
(1) as the core of the Yangtze river delta economic circle, Shanghai has a vast economic hinterland, high level of marketization and internationalization, and is an important region for enterprises to enhance their popularity and expand their influence.
(2) Shanghai is the best city for new energy popularization in China. According to data released by the Shanghai economic and information technology commission, the demonstration and promotion of Shanghai new energy vehicles exceeded 160,000 vehicles and the output value exceeded 2 million. Charging infrastructure also ranks at the forefront of national development, with a ratio of 1.27 to 1. The supporting facilities are relatively perfect.
(3) Shanghai new energy automobile industrial cluster surrounding the rich, saic, Volkswagen, Volvo, chery, nanjing jinlong and other large vehicles reach many charging equipment, lithium electricity leading enterprise shall set up headquarters in Shanghai and surrounding areas and production research and development center.

Zhenwei exhibition strength is strong
(1) as one of the exhibition organizers zhenwei exhibition, was founded in 2000, on November 24, 2015 listed on the new three board, is China's largest private exhibition company, the earliest Chinese join UFI association, a member of the international exhibition organizers Chinese exhibition economy research association, vice President of units, the China international chamber of commerce exhibition committee, vice chairman of the unit;
(2) zhenwei exhibition exhibition as the core, set the exhibition meeting, data, information, e-commerce business sector as a whole, has become the industry's leading global integrated service providers of convention and exhibition, including zhenwei exhibition data center, the establishment of a comprehensive data system for the utilization of exhibition resources played a supporting role;
(3) zhenwei exhibition in recent years with the national development and reform commission, the ministry of land and resources, ministry of science and technology, ministry of ccpit, China international chamber of commerce, China mining association, the China machinery industry federation, the national federation of industry and commerce, tianjin municipal people's government, the people's government of shandong province, the people's government of sichuan province, jiangxi province, the xinjiang uygur autonomous region people's government of the people's government, the people's government of haikou city, the people's government of karamay, mianyang city, the people's government of zhanjiang, dongying city people's government of the people's government, laoling people's governments at all levels of government departments in-depth cooperation, jointly organized numerous brand exhibition.

Covering the entire industrial chain through the industry closed loop
The Shanghai zhenwei new energy auto show held charging equipment exhibition, lithium battery exhibition, super capacitor exhibition and energy storage exhibition at the same time, which is the first well-known exhibition in China to open up the whole industry chain of new energy automobiles. All links are connected to each other, and effective resource allocation, functional integration and cooperation and exchanges between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are conducive to the coordinated development of the whole industry.

Exhibitor resources: industry giants and famous enterprises are all appearing in the exhibition to expand the vast market
Industry giants from the whole vehicle manufacturing, time-sharing lease, electric motor control, charging equipment and other fields of the new energy automobile industry are present. Geely, BYD, Shanghai, guangzhou, Beijing auto, dongfeng steam, jinlong, yutong, wuzhou dragon, know beans, Gofun, looking forward to, the electricity, the power source, such as ABB, enterprises with the exhibition display core products and technology platform, open up markets, expand the influence of the industry.
Audience resources: many buyers group to visit the seamless connection between the two ends of purchasing supply and demand
In order to achieve rapid docking exhibitors and buyers, the organizing committee invited bus group, leasing companies, large logistics companies, taxi companies and other units in actual purchasing demand to the scene to visit procurement. Through the supply and demand matching, procurement and other ways to achieve seamless connection with exhibitors.
Government resources: government departments organize group visits and exchanges, and pay attention to the development of industrial enterprises
The strong company strength of zhenwei exhibition has been recognized by governments at all levels, and it has accumulated abundant government resources and relationship network while hosting the government exhibition. From the national development and reform commission, the state ministry of industry, the letter committee of Shanghai, shenzhen development and reform commission (NDRC), Beijing approved by letter committee, the national development and reform commission of guangdong province, hunan province the letter by letter by letter committee, wuhan, nanjing by committee, hangzhou city development and reform commission (NDRC), the national development and reform commission of chengdu, baotou letter approved by yiyang city letter committee, the committee and other government attention and support.
Media resources: hundreds of media follow the whole process of reporting, all - round promotion of corporate brand image
The cooperation media resources of hundreds of companies, including four major clusters: central media, financial media, portal websites, and industrial media, bring all-round publicity and promotion to enterprises.
The central media include: CCTV, xinhua, etc.
Financial media include: China business daily, Shanghai securities news, securities times, etc.
Portals include: sina, sohu, tencent, phoenix, etc.
Industry websites include: China automotive news, the furious cars, electric cars, network resources, electric vehicles, China's new energy automobile network, the first electric network, new energy vehicles industry network, China's bus network, etc.
Expert resources: well-known experts gathered at the site to promote the integration of industry, education and research
To promote the integration of production, study, the organizing committee in previous exhibition at the same peak BBS invited chang-ming xu, director of the state information center, information resources development department, the father of the electric car qing-quan Chen, member of Chinese academy of sciences Yang, member of Chinese academy of sciences jun-hao chu, member of Chinese academy of sciences he zuoxiu, and from the Shanghai institute of national development and reform the energy transportation research institute, China quality certification center of the experts and scholars, such as keynote speech and people to interact with the industry.
During the same period, the industrial summit with rich activities was held in parallel
Exhibition with industry development trends, new energy, new energy automotive industry summit held the same period and intelligent made special BBS, new energy car special lightweight BBS, urban logistics new energy automobile special BBS, Chinese battery and energy storage, new energy automobile industry development summit conference activities, such as the national-level industrial park specials from all areas of new energy automotive industry are well-known experts and scholars, senior leaders and government representatives to attend the keynote speech, further deepen the communication industry.
Customized services meet the needs of enterprise brand promotion
The exhibition has launched a variety of customized services to ensure the effect of enterprise participation and meet the needs of enterprise brand promotion. By guiding the VIP visit booths, website promotion, BBS keynote speech, at a press conference, product launch, custom dinner and a series of planning activities, meet the demand of enterprise personalized publicity to the greatest extent.
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