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Zhejiang Jiangmei Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional in a new generation of textile production, R & D and export as one of the company. Registered in China, "Mei Sheng" brand. We have Japan's latest production equipment and technology, and according to the needs of different customers in different countries on the reform of related technologies, so that we in the industry is in a leading level.Company blends Chinese and Western cultures, research and development at home and abroad like the product. The company is located in the western Qianqing Shaoxing Economic Development Zone. Hangzhou, close to world-famous tourist destination and the "China Textile City," said the Keqiao (Asia's largest wholesale cloth).Company unique geographical location, enjoy a variety of surface and air transportation advantages. Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway, 104 State Road, 329 State Line Road and east of Zhejiang Grand Canal running through the plant before the Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway in close proximity. From Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is only ten kilometers. The company has import and export right. A well-trained by a team of experienced foreign trade business of the company's efforts to open up. More than 85% of existing products exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South America, the Middle East, Panama, the Colon Free Zone and Africa more than twenty countries and regions. Companies with good sound quality benefits class based on the development in the international market. Mei Sheng covering 10 million square meters, has 800 employees, equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology. The main production equipment in Japan jets, sword Xuan loom, high thrust-fold garment production machines and other equipment. The company advanced equipment, strong technical force, known in the industry. Our main products are: non-woven microfiber suede, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (South Korea towels), non-woven Microfiber pu leather, polyester suede series, T / C, T / R Suede series, elastic Suede series (printing, embroidery, composite, paste, etc.), yarn dyed cloth (polyester, cotton, in the long, oxford, etc.), a variety of printed cloth series and products made from the above clothing. Welcome domestic and foreign friends come to Mei Sheng, to provide you the most satisfaction is our respect for the product purpose.

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