Shanghai Ding Zhen Testing Technology Co.Ltd

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Shanghai Ding Zhen Testing Technology Co.Ltd is an independent third party testing company, located in Shanghai anting auto city, close to Shanghai Volkswagen co., LTD., Shanghai automobile group passenger vehicle co., LTD. Company is specialized in auto parts with material, the car inside and outside decoration parts inspection, detection ability including plastic, rubber, textile, knitting, non-woven), paint, leather, foam materials and the internal and external decoration made of these materials, and the physical properties of the lights, light resistance, weather resistance, discharge performance, combustion performance, VOC, ELV, Company to configure the electronic tensile, impact electronic heavy-duty machine, abrasion tester, color measurement instrument, DSC (differential scanning calorimeter), infrared spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, ICP (inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer), TD - GC - MS, head space + GC, TD + + GC MS, xenon lamp aging box, enter type environmental test chamber, the cooling water tank, high temperature aging box, hydrolysis test chamber, the combustion chamber, the CNC test sample machine, gap system prototype and other kinds of domestic and foreign advanced testing equipment, from personnel of course of study is a long engaged in auto parts, materials testing work, has the rich experience in testing. As an independent, impartial and professional testing institution, it does not involve in manufacturing, trading, or financial industry to ensure the independence and objectivity of its testing service. The company is a number of automobile manufacturers recognized testing institutions.

The company is a laboratory approved by China national accreditation service for conformity assessment (CNAS), and has passed the metrological certification (CMA).

The company not only provides testing services for the client, but also provides corrective Suggestions for the client's unqualified parts and materials.

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