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The 10th Shanghai International Lithium Battery Industry Fair
The 10th Shanghai International Lithium Battery Industry Fair
23-25th of August 2018
Shanghai new international expo center

Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers
Association of Beijing New Energy Automotives
Guangdong New Energy Vehicles Industry Association
Society of Automotive Engineers of Jiang Su
Guangdong Charging Infrastructure Association
Zhenwei Exhibitios
Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co . , Ltd .
International GREEN Auto Lightweight Technology Alliance

Industry background
According to the energy saving and new energy automobile industry development of our country's main goal, by 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle production capacity of 2 million vehicles, the cumulative volume has more than 5 million vehicles. On the other hand, by 2020, the electrochemical energy storage capacity will exceed 2000MW, and the compound growth rate will be close to 70% from 2016 to 2020. The storage energy of lithium-ion batteries is the most important form of electrochemical energy storage. Driven by the demand of new energy automobile and energy storage market, China's lithium battery industry has grown rapidly.
According to the white paper on the development of lithium ion battery industry (2017 edition), the scale of China's lithium battery industry has surpassed that of South Korea and Japan to become the first in the world in 2015. The leading edge continued to expand in 2016, accounting for as much as 40%, of which the market share of power lithium-ion batteries reached 52%, exceeding 50% for the first time. The development of China's lithium battery industry is getting better. Many enterprises from the whole industrial chain attach more importance to the display of new products and technologies, and expect more opportunities for in-depth exchanges and cooperation.
The exhibition profiles
The 10th Shanghai international lithium battery industry exhibition will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from 23 to 25 August 2018. Exhibition held new energy auto show, exhibition, exhibition of charging equipment, super capacitor energy storage, is expected to show area will reach 50000 square meters, more than 600 exhibitors will be shown at the scene of the whole industry chain at home and abroad the latest products and technology, more than 200 visitors and more than 50000 people will visit the site visit exchanges, promote industrial innovation and development.
From Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany and other countries of panasonic, TOYO, Hosokawa Micron, THM corporation, Yasunaga, HIOKI, FUJI chemie, LG chemical, VITZROCELL, YM Tech, U - JIN, BSK, DCN, KLIC, Dreamweaver, MANZ and other international well-known enterprises, And byd shares, tianjin lishen, shanshan, desai, peng hui, seiko electronic, chong Ming new energy, new huarui, shanxi MeiHuaSuo, JiYang automation, Dudley spirit power, crown technology, mikrouna, pigeon technology, cheng jie intelligence, ted, rapid laser laser, laser from domestic well-known enterprises such as laser, with fair to find more partners, actively explore the market, or to consolidate market advantage.
Concurrent event
Exhibition held 2018 China's new energy automotive industry summit, 2018 China power battery and graphene industry summit, 2018 China energy storage industry summit meeting activities such as, the organizing committee will invite from China academy of engineering, new energy vehicles, power battery PACK, BMS, battery materials, graphene, equipment manufacturing, super capacitors and a prominent representative in the field of energy storage system and so on related keynote speech, further deepen exchanges, promote cross-border integration industry.
In addition, the organizing committee will organize the conference attended the welcome dinner and CNIBF 10th anniversary celebration activities, invited from all areas of new energy vehicles and energy storage industry are well-known experts and scholars, senior leaders and government representatives, association representatives, industry representatives, and people attended investment institutions, and actively create high-end business exchanges and cooperation platform, effective guarantee enterprise participation effect.
Source of visitors
1)automobile enterprise: Beijing new energy, saic, byd, yutong bus, zhongtong automobile industry group, nanjing jinlong bus, car era in shenzhen wuzhou dragon, CST power, new dragon horse, huatai automobile group, fujian, chongqing long sail car, chengdu ya jun, reading, etc.;
2)Energy storage system: sun power, SAN Yang power, electronics, association, xin lu integration, kang, SMW power, guodian south anhui day, luneng intelligence, easy, zhongheng electric, huafu energy storage, prosper photoelectric, corun, etc;
3)Battery enterprises: samsung SDI, ningde hin high-tech era, countries, amd group, gyu catic lithium electricity, power supply, new energy, million weft lithium can fierce lion, and micro macro momentum, countries batteries, SONY electronics, scud group, etc.;
4)Materials enterprises: when the rise of science and technology, changzhou sixth element, fluorine, tianjin Taurus, jin mei carbon materials, zhenhua new material, new energy, new energy, jade emperor mansion tungsten green beauty, Mr Terry, guangzhou rui xiang, the polymerization technology, hunan star changzhou new carbon materials co., LTD., etc.;
5)Trading group: hangzhou city bus group, nanjing bus group, Harbin bus group, Qingdao bus group, jingzhou city, sanya bus group, shenzhen bus, bus group, chongqing automobile transportation group, etc.
6)Government units: Shanghai municipal development and reform commission (NDRC), Shanghai new energy automobile propulsion leading group office, the national development and reform commission of guangdong province, the national development and reform commission of hunan province, guizhou bureau of energy, the sanya municipal development and reform commission, the national development and reform commission of lishui city, xinxiang ministry committee, shantou reform bureau, etc.
7)Industry association, China civil engineering society city public transportation, zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance, the new energy automotive industry association of guangdong province, the electric car industry association, zhejiang province, south Korean battery industry association, the bilateral economic and trade center, etc.;
8)Scientific research units: Han Guoquan south university, donghua university, fudan university, Shanghai jiaotong university, east China university of science and technology, tongji university, Shanghai university of engineering science, national energy distributed energy technology research and development experiment center, etc.;
9)Investment institutions: Chen tao capital, guo sheng investment, zhongbing guangfa, etc.
Media promotion
The organizing committee is very particular about the exhibitors brand shaping and promotion, through four big media cluster every year and the powerful matrix, since the media for all-round, multi-angle, three-dimensional, to spread the brand image of enterprises.
1) central media: xinhua news agency, China news service, China central television, China Daily, China business daily, China energy daily, etc.;
2) mainstream financial media: China securities news, Shanghai securities news, securities times, China business news, daily economic news, etc.;
3) well-known portal websites:,,, sohu, netease, hexun, chinanet, chinanet, etc.;
4) authoritative industry media: China power grid, new energy automobile industry network, first electric network, China battery network, high-tech lithium power grid, etc.
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