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The 12th Shanghai International Electric Vehicle Supply Equipments Fair
China International Electric Vehicle Supply Equipments Fair 2018
23-25th of August 2018
Shanghai new international expo center

Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers
Association of Beijing New Energy Automotives
Guangdong New Energy Vehicles Industry Association
Society of Automotive Engineers of Jiang Su
Guangdong Charging Infrastructure Association
Zhenwei Exhibitios
Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co . , Ltd .
International GREEN Auto Lightweight Technology Alliance

【Further explosion of the charging facility market, the world advanced charging technology exhibition will be held】
At this year's two sessions, issues related to charging facilities also received high attention from the industry. Miao wei, minister of the ministry of industry and information technology, said on March 5 that China's new energy automobile industry will show a rapid growth in the future as technology advances and charging facilities improve. "This year, we will step up the comprehensive promotion of the infrastructure construction of new energy vehicles in various demonstration cities, and we hope that local governments at all levels can intensify their efforts in this regard." Where he emphasized with the new energy vehicles purchase subsidy funds gradually to the construction and operation of charging infrastructure, new energy vehicles use and operation, and the taxi electric, electric logistics transportation and the rapid development of the rental market, time-sharing charging pile market demand will be further outbreaks. In order to promote the innovation of charging technology and the construction of national network of charging facilities, the 2018 international charging station (pile) technology and equipment exhibition will be held in shenzhen and Shanghai respectively.
【The world's top 500 and China's top 500 are showcasing the world's leading intelligent charging technology and new products】
The exhibition, the national power grid, ABB, bayer group, saic, geely, such as the world top 500, rui, change especially electrician, zte ranks, golden concord, delixi China will have 500. In addition, luneng intelligence, the electricity, new energy, electronics, lu zhongheng electric Wan Bang, division China heng sheng, roth, Titan can science and technology, nanjing, wanma shares, hkust intelligence, ding new energy, after filling, electric, rich technology, electrical technology, the number of filling, fly macro, the source of science and technology, English can be red, sida, can let a electric, the power supply will appear, such as exhibition of the world's leading high-power charging, wireless charging, light ChuChong etc. New technology and new products. In addition, ABL, Green Power, CTI - Chesapeake, phoenix electric, HaoTing, DE kay group, Rhine TUV, letter electronics, in the central system, international companies such as royal also rushed to join meeting, try to speed up the layout of China charging services market.
【Government units, new energy car enterprises, logistics enterprises and other groups to visit procurement】
From the national energy administration, the national development and reform commission, the international cooperation center, under the state council development research center, Beijing via letter committee, ministry committee of Beijing science and technology commission, tianjin and hebei province ministry, ministry bureau zhangjiakou and chengde city hall approved by letter committee, baotou, the letter committee and other government departments to support, relevant government units will be around to communication. In addition, from the national grid, southern power grid, the whole car, bus, taxi, logistics, time-sharing leasing, property management, sanitation, and other fields of more than 100 power buyers into groups will visit the site to visit procurement.
【During the same period, the content of activities is rich and effective to ensure the effect of enterprises' participation】
In order to promote new energy vehicles, charging infrastructure, energy storage, smart grid, such as the coordinated development of industry, the exhibition will be held in the same period "filling technology in electricity peak BBS", "gold prize prize-giving grand ceremony of 2018 charging infrastructure ten big brand", "international conference on new energy vehicles", "city logistics new energy automobile BBS", "intelligent snatched automobile assembly" and "China energy storage industry development summit", and other events. Activity will be invited to the government, the vehicle, bus, same time, property management, leasing, logistics experts in the field of photovoltaic (pv), energy storage, power grid and professional buyers to attend the exchange, maximize the realization of exhibitors and buyers, the government, experts resources docking.
【The top ten brands of charging facilities will be held in 2018】
The golden pile award ceremony for the top ten brands of charging facilities in 2018 will be held in shenzhen on June 15. Charging infrastructure "pile of gold award is a recognition of the charging technology development achievements of annual awards, designed to encourage outstanding enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, improve service quality, promote the development of charging infrastructure construction in China. At present, the gold pile award has been a shining card for the promotion of charging facilities enterprises.
This festival will through the new energy automotive industry network, zhenwei WeChat public charging equipment exhibition, sina, tencent video, video, phoenix video, sohu video, Letv synchronous live coverage, at the same time also will invite xinhua, China news, China securities journal, Shanghai securities news and securities times for follow-up reports, other authoritative media dissemination enterprise brand, improve enterprise's commercial value and brand equity.
【Media conference to enhance the brand awareness of enterprises new products and technologies to lead the industry development】
With the establishment of "China brand day", the brand strategy has officially risen to the national strategy. In the context of accelerating the construction of independent brands and building world-renowned Chinese brands, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of brand building. As the most effective way to release new products, new technologies and external public relations, media conference is being paid more and more attention to and utilized by more and more enterprises.
Among them, ranks, incoming telegram, ABB, could fly shares, the source, can let a electric, new energy, wuzhou dragon, the number of stars, charging energy, such as France IES enterprise a press conference held during the show's latest products and technologies, received high attention in the industry, greatly enhance the visibility and brand enterprises.
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