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From HUD to ar-hud, just a 'prelude' to future window interactions

On this year's BMW China innovation day, the collaboration between FUTURUS (future black technology) and BMW's all-windshield light field display was officially unveiled.

The AR HUD is an all-windshield display developed based on optical field and metamaterial technology, which can project virtual information combined with the environment onto the entire windshield.
And the HUD of future cooperation between black technology and singularity automobile will also be the largest pre-installed HUD product available for mass production in the world, and will be the first mass production this year.
The "future" of HUD on the market is called the traditional windscreen HUD, which is about 5-8 inches, and can be designed and manufactured according to customer demand. The HUD that will be loaded on the singularity car is 16.4 inches, which is called "smart HUD" by "future", showing a larger picture, not only with a larger visual Angle, but also with less power consumption on the car machine.
Currently, many of BMW's models are loaded with traditional technology HUD. The latest version, the BMW X3, comes with a full-color flat-screen display that is 70 percent bigger than a single screen with high resolution.
Head-up display system is also called head-up display, or HUD. Initially, this configuration was only available on fighter jets and civil aviation. After years of development of the flat view display system from the aviation to the automobile, in the past few years, many luxury car models will be equipped with the flat view display system.

The display content of the instrument and the host is sent to HUD through the connecting line, and HUD has processed information projected onto the front windshield, and the front windshield reflects the light ray projected by HUD to the driver's eye, then the corresponding image is seen.
The BMW has a self-sensing system that automatically detects ambient light. Adjust the HUD lighting brightness automatically according to the detection value to adapt to the environment. So even if the ambient brightness changes, it can be best adapted to the brightness (neither dazzling nor dim).
One feature of the full-color HUD onboard is that when the headlamp is not on, the font is white, and when the headlamp is on, the font becomes orange. As HUD technology enters a new phase, several auto parts manufacturers around the world are stepping up the r&d and mass production of AR HUD technology.
The likes of harman, continental and visteon are trying to bring real AR technology to the windshield, integrating navigation, instrumentation, entertainment and communications with the road, reducing the driver's gaze.
In addition to providing safety information for drivers, more automakers are also offering more AR based ride experiences for back-row passengers.

Recently, ford announced the development of a car window called Feel the View. It USES a tactile feedback system in Windows, first capturing the external scene through a camera and then converting it to 255 grayscale levels, and finally passing it to the glass through a tactile motor attached to the glass.
Ford previously commissioned an Israeli school to use smart glass to explore a unique interactive technology that simply enhances the interaction between passengers and the environment along the way.
Gm has also introduced an AR prototype with Windows that can act like a child's magic drawing board, allowing passengers to add whatever they want to the outside world on the glass, as well as providing information about AR outside.
The Mercedes F015 concept car has displayed a similar new window. In some modes, the lower door panel can be turned into a virtual window by showing the external image captured by the external camera. AR images or media, communications or navigation images can be displayed.
One of the technology providers is an Israeli start-up called Gauzy, which has teamed up with Daimler to develop "the thinnest dark modified liquid crystal" that can be mounted directly on the Windows and rendered opaque to produce high-definition quality images or video.
The technology can be installed directly on the car's Windows without having to clamp it between two pieces of glass in the car manufacturing process. Gauzy's liquid crystal technology allows the Windows to change from transparent to opaque as needed, so the chip can display high-definition quality images or video on the opaque glass.
Gauzy's patented technology can also be used in multiple scenarios, such as controlling the transparency of Windows according to the light, developing an optical curtain embedded in the glass, making it transparent after touching the refrigerator door, and changing the glass plate of the bathroom from transparent to opaque as required.

In China, the EX5, the first model of weimar automobile, has won the "iF DESIGN AWARD 2018" AWARD for its innovative intelligent window interaction DESIGN.
At this year's CES, the Toyota Fine Comfort Ride concept car also carries a window screen, or rather the window projection concept, which displays text, images, video information and interacts with the user. However, this design is still in the pure concept stage.

Xu junfeng, CEO and founder of future black technology, expressed his understanding of the current HUD development market when attending the intelligent automobile development conference of high-tech industries. "The current popularity of HUD is not high enough, but with the development of intelligent automobile, the number of HUD will increase in the next two to three years, and there may be a blowout in five years."
Effective driving and entertainment information visualization helps drivers control the car and focus on the road. At least until real autonomous driving arrives, more secure HMI interactions, such as Windows, will be a major battleground for automakers and parts makers.

Source: high-tech smart cars

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