Mr Ke-jian wang, the current Beijing ch auto technology co., LTD., President, international auto lightweight alliance for a green science and technology (IALTA), executive director of the team is Chinese independent automobile design and vehicle development solutions provider, the main business for the traditional design of automobile, new energy vehicles, military vehicles and electric car research and development, production, sales. Over the past decade, several models have been developed for China's independent car manufacturers. Its team of electric cars is working on a number of practical projects. Especially for a joint venture, a car model competing with the mainstream foreign brands at the same price and quality has been developed recently, pushing the r&d level of automobile independent brands to the high end. At the same time, I have the opportunity to contact automobile enterprises all over the country and provide services for their new product projects. I am deeply touched by the different new materials and lightweight technology of automobile enterprises.
Wang kejian worked with Beijing jeep automobile co., LTD in the early years. In 1985, he was an assembly and manufacturing engineer when the first imported car was off-line. More than 20 years ago, I started the project management of new product development in Chrysler. After that, I was responsible for the technology introduction, localization, joint development and independent development of new products. Successively served as project manager, product engineering manager, new product project manager and deputy general manager of sales company. During this period, I devoted myself to the application and promotion of new technologies from r&d, production and marketing to the market, and the whole process of project management.

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