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The 14th China (Shanghai) international die-casting exhibition
Exhibition time: November 1, 2018 solstice, November 3, 2018
Exhibition hall: Shanghai new international expo center
Exhibition venue: Shanghai new international expo center, pudong new area, Shanghai municipality (no. 2345 longyang road)
Sponsor: east China casting association Shanghai automobile industry association automobile
Foundry branch Shanghai huano exhibition co. LTD
Organizer: Shanghai huano exhibition co. LTD

The exhibition scope
Pressure casting product
1. Die casting of various aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper alloys.
2, automotive die casting: the transfer case assembly, gearbox, sprocket, transmission assembly, clutch shell, round pipe, casing, pump body, pump shell, shunt, gear box shell components, the gear cover, the lid, gearbox shell, brake grain, pulley, radiators, the oil pan, cylinder head, cylinder, intake manifold, lid, suspension control arm, gravity, steering knuckle, inlet nozzle, the supercharger inlet pipe, air compressor out of the pipe and generator stents, the aluminum, the generator air conditioning compressor, gear cover, etc.
3. Die-casting parts of motorcycle: body of crankcase, body of crankshaft, clutch cover, lamp cover, front cover of crankcase, body of transition box, power cover, motor cover, motor parts and engine body; All kinds of lamps and lanterns, communications, gardens, medical treatment, valves, household appliances, instruments, computers, motors and other die-casting products.
Pressure casting equipment and peripheral support
Die casting machine and its peripheral processing equipment; Die casting mould design and manufacturing technology; Alloy and alloy alloy and alloy ingot and its composite materials such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper; The subsequent equipment of die casting includes such equipment as cleaning, grinding, deburring, polishing, polishing, coating, heat treatment, electroplating and passivation. Series of melting and heat preservation devices; Die casting demoulding agent, solvent, metamorphic agent, lubricating oil, parting agent, shoe dressing agent, plunger oil, punch lubricating particle, mould paste, anti-sticking wax, slag remover, refining agent, etc. Die casting inspection and process control equipment; New die casting technologies: aeration, vacuum, CAD/CAE/CAM, etc. Casting and die-casting robot (manipulator), automatic control system; Post-processing equipment: CNC lathes, machining centers, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, shot blasting machines, polishing machines, sandblasting machines.

The exhibition profile

45000 ㎡ area, 500 companies gathered in, 40000 professional audience!
"China (Shanghai) international exhibition on die casting, China (Shanghai) international die casting products show" was founded in 2005, has successfully held the 13th, exhibits cover casting, die casting, die casting, die casting equipment and die casting mould, die casting material and other fields, the exhibition scale is growing, is the most professional, most authoritative domestic host of die casting, casting TTF attending. The exhibition actively responds to the call of national policies, advocates enterprises to take the road of innovation and efficient green die-casting, and plays an active role in promoting the harmonious development of industrial science, nature and society.
The 14th China (Shanghai) international die casting, die casting, the exhibition will be on November 1-3, 2018 grand meeting, and then 500 die-casting and related enterprises gathered, exhibition area of 45000 square meters, more than 40000 professional visitors. The exhibition will be "internationalization, specialization, high-level" requirement, invite Chinese and world die casting manufacturer to display new products, new technology, new equipment, so as to help the industry of high-level comprehensive knowledge of the latest trends of global die-casting industry chain, at the same time, building products, materials and equipment for the audience one-stop sourcing platform!
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