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CIROS2018 the 7th China international robot exhibition
Exhibition time: July 4 to July 7, 2018
Exhibition hall: Shanghai national convention and exhibition center
Exhibition venue: NH building, no.3 building, no.4.1 building, no.333 songze avenue, qingpu district, Shanghai
Sponsor: China federation of machinery industry (CMIF) China robot industry alliance (CRIA) Shanghai ciic exhibition co., LTD. (CMEPO)
Organizer: Shanghai zhongji exhibition co., LTD. (CMEPO)

The exhibition scope
Industrial robot
Industrial robot: welding robot/spraying robot/handling robot/assembly robot /AGV car/truss robot/cooperative robot/other industrial robots, etc
System integration application: robot integration application scheme/robot workstation/intelligent production line, etc
Core components: controller/reducer/servo motor/testing equipment/welding cutting equipment/spraying equipment/handling equipment/special wire and cable/sensor/related software, etc
Service robot
Commercial robot/education/entertainment robot robot/home service robot/special robot/rehabilitation medical robots, machine vision/speech recognition, face recognition/sensors/cable/motor/housing design/lithium battery solution/laser radar/Internet / / platform/intelligent hardware control platform
Industrial automation

Exhibition the expenses
1. Standard booth: RMB 15000/9m2
2. Indoor floor lighting: RMB 1500/M2 (note: 5% booth fee will be charged for each additional opening)
Description: the standard booth includes (3M*3M three side panels, carpet, lintel board, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, 220V power socket, lighting fee, security fee, cleaning fee, etc.);

Bare booth refers to the open space of the corresponding area, excluding any exhibition stands, furniture, carpets, etc., which shall be rented separately if necessary.

The exhibition profile
China international robot exhibition (CIROS) is by the China machinery industry federation, China robot industry association and the Shanghai exhibition co., LTD. Jointly organized machine in the China's first robot complete industrial chain of national exhibition platform, together with the main robot at home and abroad industry group makes the robot industry the most professional exhibition.
CIROS since 2012 founded, always adhere to the market share, service concept, in order to market demand as the guide, for the purpose of the service industry to "the international high-end conference + industry professional exhibition" feature, six consecutive annual gain high recognition international federation of robotics (IFR), one of the world's four big robot exhibition, is the first platform of exhibitors and audiences learn at home and abroad.
Exhibition time: July 4-7, 2018
Exhibition venue: national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) NH hall, no. 3 hall, no. 4.1 hall
Exhibition scale: 56000M2
Estimated audience: 80,000
Consultation hotline: 021-61911303
Held at the same time: SIAS 2018 Shanghai international industrial automation exhibition

International cooperation
CIROS create robot industry in China the most professional exhibitions to include the international federation of robotics (IFR), Germany mechanical equipment manufacturing industry federation (VDMA), Japanese industrial robot (JARA), South Korea (KAR) robot industry association and the Taiwan association of intelligent automation and robotics (TAIROA) at home and abroad, such as the main robot industry group, is China's most professional robot industry exhibition, exhibition and IFR in China only support project.

We have established cooperative relations with German AUTOMATICA, American automation, INNOECHO, Korea Robot World, The International Exhibition of Robots in Japan, Robot and intelligent automation in Taiwan, etc.

The exhibition highlights
An authoritative organization
It is jointly organized by China machinery industry federation, China robot industry alliance, Shanghai ciic exhibition co., LTD and top industry association.
The China federation of machinery industry, formerly the ministry of machinery and industry, has since been transformed into the largest machinery industry organization in China in the reform of China's industrial management system. Currently, there are 146 member units.
China robot industry alliance was established at the end of 2013. It is a national production, research, and application bank of China's robot industry
At present, there are more than 300 member units in the cooperative work platform.
Shanghai exhibition co., LTD., affiliated to the Chinese machine in the federation of industrial machinery, hereinafter referred to as "CMEPO", the company has been sticking to the tenet of "brand, professional, service", mainly in the service of automation and robotics and related areas, efforts to expand international professional exhibition.
High quality buyers, a large professional audience
The organizing committee organizes and invites a large professional audience. CIROS2017&SIAS2017 welcomed 41 professional visiting groups to the site successively and communicated with enterprises face to face.
Industry covers such as automobile, machine tools, office equipment, food packaging equipment, electronic communications, defense applications, 3 c electronic, building materials, warehousing logistics, community, consumer goods, tobacco, daily necessities, building systems, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), education institutions, automation, petrochemical, aerospace, shipbuilding, building materials industry, etc.
Industry summit and professional BBS
Industrial summit and professional BBS will be held at the same time. With the mode of "international high-end conference + industry professional exhibition", it focuses on the voice of government, industry and enterprises, and promotes the progress of automation and robot industry.
The whole field display platform
Multi - exhibition joint - office to achieve a complete industrial chain. Exhibition closely around the "intelligent" in full swing, industry and the whole industrial chain, industrial intelligent service robot and automation solutions, artificial intelligence and other professional display, intelligent ecosystem, full build for upstream and downstream industry and interdisciplinary cooperation and exchanges with opportunity.
Rich media publicity
Joint China's CCTV, phoenix TV, dragon TV, Shanghai TV station, the first finance and economics, People's Daily, China Daily, xinhua news agency, sina, netease, tencent, China industry news, automation network and so on more than 500 mainstream television and professional media follow-up reports, greatly enhance the visibility of the exhibitors.
Efficient promotion model
Mass direct mail - direct mail of visits together with tickets to pre-registered visitors to the country one month before the exhibition
Internet promotion - baidu promotion, WeChat platform promotion, cooperative media soft text promotion, 300,000 weekly effective data mail group
Tickets will be mailed to the exhibition with 100,000 tickets, 50,000 promotional tickets and 50,000 advertising tickets.
Outdoor publicity outdoor pillar advertising, outdoor poster posters, outdoor high-speed advertising, subway advertising, etc
Two to three weeks before the postal promotion exhibition, 280,000 pieces of valid data were selected for key industries, and the visiting guide and tickets were sent point-to-point information.
BBS cooperation industry new product launch/promotion meeting, annual meeting of industry authority, key audience industry project docking seminar, organizing audience, paying attention to the interaction between exhibitors and audience.
Professional media Each professional media has different advantages, push on live, websites, professional newspaper advertising, exhibition video editing and production, E-mail group, WeChat platform push, on-site exhibition and so on various aspects were pushing.
The mainstream media, over 500 media cooperation, China's CCTV, phoenix TV, dragon TV, Shanghai TV station, the first finance and economics, People's Daily, Reuters, xinhua news agency, sina, netease, sina, and other major mainstream television, news platform, professional media follow-up reports, etc.
The promotion of industry exhibitions is promoted through the integration of media news release, cooperative media magazine promotion, ticket distribution and other well-known exhibitions in relevant industries.
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