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2018 China (Shanghai) international advanced manufacturing and intelligent factory exhibition
Exhibition time: June 13 to June 15, 2018
Exhibition hall: Shanghai new international expo center
Exhibition venue: Shanghai new international expo center, qingpu district, Shanghai (no. 2345 longyang road)
Sponsor: Shanghai automation society, China mechanical and electrical products circulation association, China mechanical and electrical products circulation association, electrical branch
Organizer: Shanghai ziao exhibition service co., LTD. Guohao exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD

The exhibition scope
1.Advanced manufacturing technology, industrial robots and application integration, automation and automatic control technology, automatic detection technology, microelectronics technology, information technology and sensor technology and computer technology, machine vision, intelligent CNC machine tools, industrial control systems, movement control system, embedded system, non-standard automation, 3 d printing, etc.
2.Intelligent factory: factory integrated management system, MES system, line tracing back system, automatic sorting system, increase material manufacturing, and other equipment, automation equipment, intelligent packaging stacking AGV car, automatic conveying equipment, internal logistics automation system, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, supply chain management, etc.;
3.Industrial information technology: big data analysis and sharing, industrial Internet of things technology, cloud computing, cloud storage, artificial intelligence technology, mobile Internet technology, remote monitoring technology, wireless communication technology, the virtual technology, wireless communication technology, etc.;
4.Others: integrated operation design engineering, intelligent factory top-level design, voice and image recognition system, embedded operating system, power system, industrial camera, industrial lens, etc.
Exhibition the expenses
1.New products and technology conference of the enterprise: held in a specific exhibition area, the sponsor assists in inviting the audience, and the independently developed units can apply for registration.
2.Technical exchange BBS: it is held in a specific conference hall and is presided over by industry experts and authoritative personages invited by the sponsor. It comprehensively elaborates the industry key points, hot spots and future development direction and relevant policy guidance.
3.Charge standard: domestic yuan RMB 28000 yuan/foreign capital usd 6800 yuan/hour/games/hour (provide audio, projector, screen, mineral water and other related services, organize the need to please contact the organizer in advance of enterprise, 50 days in advance before the lecture topics, content abstract the speaker's name to the)
The exhibition profile
With the development of a new round of information technology such as the Internet of things, big data and mobile applications, the industrial revolution of globalization has begun to be put on the agenda, and the industrial transformation has entered a substantive stage. The successive introduction of such strategies as intelligent manufacturing in China and made in China 2025 indicates that the country has started to take active actions to seize the new round of industrial development opportunities and realize industrialization transformation. As an important practical model for the development of industrial intelligence, intelligent factory has attracted wide attention of the industry. To promote the intellectualization of the manufacturing process and to pilot the construction of smart factories and digital workshops in key areas will certainly accelerate the application and promotion of smart factories in the industrial sector. Intelligent factory is an important carrier to realize intelligent manufacturing. The key content, development mode and breakthrough link of constructing intelligent factory vary from industry to industry. At present, intelligent manufacturing is in high demand. Petrochemical, steel, machinery and equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing and other industries are exploring the construction of intelligent factories. "Made in China 2025" clearly put forward to promote the intelligent manufacturing process, pilot construction in key areas of intelligent digital factory, workshop, that will accelerate the application in the field of intelligent factory in the industrial sector.
In order to better implement the Chinese government put forward the "made in China 2025" plan of action, to promote China's industrial transformation and upgrading, and sustainable development, at the same time for discussion "4.0", "advanced manufacturing", "smart" factory of advanced ideas and technology, Shanghai academy of automation, mechanical and electrical products distribution association, China Shanghai purple the exhibition service co., LTD., hao exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD., is scheduled for May 25-27, 2018, at the national convention center (Shanghai) jointly held the "2018 China (Shanghai) international international exhibition of advanced manufacturing technology and intelligent factory"
We sincerely invite domestic and foreign enterprises, users and research institutions interested in advanced manufacturing and intelligent factories to participate in the exhibition, participation and visit!

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